Designing experiential activations to engrave your brand to memory.

E-PLAN Vision is to craft unforgettable experiences through the illumination of a brand’s core nature. Ever striving to create the new, we design and actualize brand personality in a way that will engrave your brand to memory.

Operating in 3 cities worldwide, Los Angeles, Shanghai and Seoul, and having activated campaigns in 23 different cities, we encompass the innate capabilities to operate efficiently around the globe.
At E-PLAN, we strive to create unforgettable solutions for your marketing needs.

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E-PLAN Offers a wide variety of services, ranging from Integrated Branding to Global Event Activations.
Our proficient employees are waiting to assist you with your marketing needs, so reach out to us.

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We have represented brands, all around the globe.
Look below for our extensive list of multinational operations. Dive into the E-PLAN Experience!