E-PLAN Vision is to craft unforgettable experiences through the illumination of a brand’s core
nature. Ever striving to create the new, we design and actualize brand personality in a way
that will engrave your brand to memory.

What We Do


  • Vicky Y. Jin
    Chief Executive Officer, Founder
    China Office
  • Ashley S. Jung
    Chief Executive Officer, Founder
    USA / Korea Office
  • Kenneth Nienhuser
    Director of Business Development
    USA Office
One team, many talents.

A leader is someone who us accountable for discovering and nurturing of his employees.
Setting direction and constructing creative visions to accomplish the new,
a leader brings out the best in those around him.
Leadership is not about the title or position. It is about impact, influence and inspiration.
It is about winning together.

– Chief Executive Officer, Founder,
Ashley S. Jung –